Sunday, June 13, 2010


I totally forgot I had a blog! Hi to anyone who actually still bothers to perv on my blog anyways. I’ll post an update soon. Maybe after my exams if I can remember to. :)

Take care whoever you are!

Lurbs yew long time,


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh shiiiiii! How long has it been?

Hello everyone,

HUAT ARH! Happy Chinese New Year! I do apologise for the long hiatus but I just remembered my blog and thought I'd do a little update. Little might be an understatement as most of you remember from my previous posts that little usually means an essay-length post.

So starting from the most recent events, I went to Singapore. Yay! It was a really wonderful trip. Lots of hot guys in Singapore! OH-EM-GEEEEEE!! Shoot me dead, they were all over the place! And there was a wonderful mix of hot Asians guys and sexy Caucasian expats! Yummmmy!

Anywhos, back to the trip. I went to Singapore to help my parents with the packing as we're selling off our apartment. It was quite nostalgic but I never remembered the place being so... filthy... It was seriously gross. the YMCA had better rooms! We cleaned it up and made it at least "liveable" (just for comparison, my SCDF camp in Jalan Bahar was a lot cleaner!) I've been going around

Orchard almost every night. I went to Ion and damn, I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! My favourite place in Ion will have to be TWG Tea Salon. The selection of teas were just astonishing and the scones were just AMAZING!!! Shoot-me-dead-and-revive-me-so-I-can-eat-those-scones-again amazing! That's how good they were. I really felt happy just sitting there eating them. The tea jelly that was served with the cream was what made it extraordinary but it was already really wonderful already. The manager at TWG was this really cute guy with the sexiest French accent ever. I like those accents, makes me melt and he had the nicest sit-upons (if you don't know what that means, Google it. It's a Victorian term.) I went to TWG about 5 times through my stay I think. Once when it was just about to close, 2nd time with another friend and that's when I tried the scones, 3rd, 4th and 5th time was with Tommy, the 5th being the morning on the day I was leaving Singapore back to Sydney. I bought 2 canisters of tea and a bottle of tea jelly. I was so happy that I managed to clear it through customs. I bought Silver Moon and Sweet France. I picked Silver Moon but Sweet France and the canisters were based on the cute manager's recommendation. I'm drinking a cup of Sweet France tea now and I can't help but think of him. Ah he's just too hot. I should have taken pics damnit! Missing Singapore already! Well, maybe just missing him already :p

I got to meet James in Singapore. Didn’t meet Sukebe because he ran away to Malaysia. Oh well, according to James, Sukebe has slimmed down a lot but should still stay away from those skinny jeans. Congratulations Sukebe-chan if you’re reading this! But from the description James provided me, yea, I do agree, stay far away from those skinny jeans! Lol.

Oh, my hair style has changed already. I'll put some pictures of when it was longer and then after I got my haircut because my mother was nagging me about how long it was. I basically chopped off the back, save for a lock of hair which I braid into what my friend told me is called a dragon's tail. Lol, very asian term. Well, at least it's not anything sad like a tortoise tail. Oh in Singapore, I was asked if I would consider being a model for this agency. I was really caught by surprise as I didn't really feel I was of model-standards. It was flattering though. They gave me a call and asked if I could come in for an interview but I told them that I wasn't living in Singapore anymore so that was the most flattering moment for me the entire trip.

The trip back to Sydney wasn't too bad. I sat next to this somewhat cute (ranging between the ok to cute category) Norwegian guy who was flying to Brisbane to do his masters. We didn't chat at first but then I started talking to him and he was really friendly. I forgot what I said first to break the ice, but it was probably something about Singapore. He was really nice and had a really cute "hmmm"? I thought that was the most adorable "hmmm" I've ever heard. I didn’t get to sleep at all during the flight, nothing suss went on alright so don’t get too excited. Although, his leg was pressed against mine while he was sleeping. Lol, damn those small airplane chairs for making physical contact so much more excusable! ; ) I watched Fame (2009) on the airplane and it was an ok movie but the music was good and Asher Book was quite cute :D

Well, so I’m back in Sydney. I have to go back to Uni next week since I’ve got to be around during orientation week for my club. Oh, I forgot to mention that I became the secretary for the club. :)


The albums above have pictures of my other friends as well. The first album is of my old hairstyle. It was taken at the darling harbour area. In the second album,there are pictures of Ion at the ground level, a tiger in front of some other shopping centre and the blossom tea from TWG, sadly, didn’t take a picture with the hot manager. Lol!

Anywhos, hope you guys had a good Chinese New Year! RAWRRRR!

Lurbs yew long time,


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Updated Pictures!

Hey Hey,

Been a while since I've posted anything. Thought I'd give a visual update.Pre-Clubbing (most recent one)

With a different eye colour

Other than that, Uni's been quite interesting this semester but it's really hard. Will have to start studying ... soon... =) Wish me luck!

Lurbs yew long time

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here It Comes Again...

Hi hi,

The holidays are coming to an end. Uni will soon be starting again. What a total bitch... At least I managed to catch up on my sleep deficit but my sleep cycle has been totally fked up as a result of my holiday activities. I sleep when the sun is about to rise and get up when the sun is about to set.

I got my results back a while ago and it hasn't been too bad, except for physiology 1A. I got 2 high distinctions for biochemistry and safety, health & environmental hazards (for toxicology major) and a distinction for maths (yay! I'll never have to take another maths class for the rest of my uni life wooha!) and just a pass for physio - 62/100. What a shitty mark, kinda brought down my average for this semester but this sem has been good in general, it brought up my average so far to a distinction.

Next semester's classes involve... introductory pharmacology & toxicology, physiology 1B (nuuuuu T_T ), molecular biology, and Chinese for beginners! Hopefully studying renal functions, endocrine, gastrointestinal systems and reproductive systems (i think i'm pretty good at this section) will be a lot better than excitable cells in physio 1A.

Time to get a haircut before uni starts. I have these few hairstyles in mind.

I really like the first one but we'll see if the stylist can pull that one off on me. Yay for asian hairstyles!

Will try to update again after the haircut!

Lurbs yew all long time,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Exams are finally over, tra~la~la~

Hey y'all ,

Exams are finally over! Woohoo! Time to bring out the Moet & Chandon with lots of shopping and gaming! My sleep cycle is officially fked up! I sleep at 5 am and wake up in time for a late lunch! (usually around 2:30pm) I think soon enough, I'll be sleeping when the sun rises and waking when the sun sets. I guess that's the best way to avoid the sun?

Since I've got nothing much to add, allow me to introduce the new fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent's L'Homme Series, La Nuit De L'Homme

While this fragrances has similar notes with it's predecessor, L'Homme, which is one of the best "sweet" scents from the bittersweet tonka beans, La Nuit has been getting mixed responses. The top notes of coumarin are very similar to L'Homme but as the middle and base notes starts to appear, the cedarwoods blend with the cardamom creating a woody tone. This fragrance is quite subtle which is why I like it. "Bright, masculine freshness combines with sophistication and nonchalance for a deep, mysterious and sensual fragrance." Overall, a good scent for a night out in town.

An upcoming scent that I can't wait to get a whiff of is Calvin Klein's CK Free. Created by Givaudan with top notes of thai star anise, jackfruit, juniper berry and absinthe, middle notes of suede, tobacco leaves, coffee and South African buchu the scent dries down to a base of patchouli, oakwood, Texan cedarwood and Costa Rican ironwood. This should be an interesting woody combination. And for all those perving on the model and want to know who he is, it's Jamie Dornan.

I'm thinking of getting Hugo Element but that might just be a spur of the moment thing. If I ever do get it, it'd probably have to be in the smallest size possible since I'm always changing my scent. (Except for my signature scent YSL L'Homme. I will always love that fragrance!) I think the main reason for getting it is because the bottle looks too cute! The last noteworthy scent from Hugo Boss is probably XY in my opinion. Everything after that hasn't done the fragrance house any justice. Oh well, if I'm desperate enough, I'll get it. I still haven't finished using the XY that I bought 2 years ago... I think I'll use it today!

That's all from me after a long hiatus since the previous emo post.

Lurbs yew long time,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yin and Yang... Like opposite faces of the same coin, never meeting, nothing can develop from this... Tis only in dreams that love may blossom...

Friday, May 8, 2009


I really would have taken a picture but my wonderful camera phone has been locked...

At the bus stop outside my house, on the top of the hill, the night sky brought about an unusual feeling of serenity. Iridescent diamonds speckled the velvet expanse while a continual contest of light and shadow was played out on the clouds. I was embraced by the warm illumination from the full moon as the cool sea breeze caressed the contours of my body. The smell of the sea, under the moonlight made me feel... different.

Today has been quite good for me. Despite the serious sleep deficiency from cramming for the Biochemistry exam today, I managed to get up and prepare for Uni without too much difficulty. My motor skills were slightly... delayed at the start but it resumed functioning normally after a while. First lesson for the day was a maths lecture for 2 hours. It ended 10 minutes early so I seized the opportunity to go to the library to study. The 3rd floor of the library had just been renovated. It looks really good now. I would have camwhored a bit but I didn't have the time or the equipment. I studied for the next 2 hours, doing last minute cramming before heading for the exam venue at the Biomedical theatres. The exam went pretty well. I completed the exam within 20 minutes. There were a lot of details in the lecture notes but the exam questions were really easy. There were 12 MCQs, 6 short answers and 1 essay. The essay asked for a discussion of chemiosmosis theory and how it relates to the coupling of ATP synthesis and oxidative phosphorylation. After the exam, I had a physiology tutorial. Some of us decided to ditch our designated tutorial group and join our other friend's. When we got there, I saw this pretty hot guy. (He's a student, does physiology and biochemistry with me. Very good looking but rumoured to be as obtuse as he is good looking. Caucasian, tall, good body, good facial features.) Anyways, the tutor for this tutorial was this daggy old lady. 2 minutes into the lecture, my friend and I decided to leave and go to our old tutorial group. We made it back in time. We had a new tutor as well. She was a doctor that assisted us in some of our physio labs. Quite young, pretty, slim, with skin as clear as Miranda Otto. Today's tutorial was on the cardiovascular system. I didn't revise any of the lectures before the tutorial but I did manage to get some of the questions correct.

I popped off to the city after tutorial to meet up with my sister. She had gone to get her nails done and when I got there, we just walked around for a bit. We went to Myers to test out their perfume. I like the new Guerlain Homme but I decided not to buy it yet as it would have been on impulse if I did anyways. The top note was a gentle fusion of lime and mint, creating a slightly herbaceous opening. After a few moments, the middle notes surfaced, revealing bergamot, green tea & pelargonium. The middle notes were really refreshing and not stinging. The scent progressed to mellow down with cedar and vetiver while retaining the cool mint through the entire duration which blended well to create a soft, sweet, cool note. Guerlain Homme is a clean fragrance, well balanced and sophisticated. It's classy and modern. The more I think about it, the more tempted I am to get it.
On the note of perfumes, I was complimented on my signature scent, YSL L'Homme today. It's neither overpoweringly musky nor sickeningly cloying but a perfect balance, like yin and yang (possibly androgynous?).

It has been a pretty good day overall but I will endeavour to get some work done this weekend!

Lurbs yew long time,
(Apologies for the weird paragraph up the top, I was inspired momentarily and started churning out literary nonsense. If my high school english teacher read that, she would probably be spewing blood from the overused clich├ęs.)